In tonight’s E4 episode, Simone discoverd Glenn isn’t actually single but when she confronted him, he revealed he recorded their affair and will release it to the press unless she agreed to the school funding. Zack warns her how dangerous Glenn really is, and tells her everything he has been through and that Glenn killed Adam and shot Kim.

Later, Grace is distraught that Glenn slept with Simone. When Maxine comforts her and asks whether she is being abused, Simone, overhearing their conversation tells them both that Glenn killed Adam.

4977 SIMONE.png(Picture Lime Pictures) It hasn’t taken Simone long to find out what Glenn was up to

Courtney and Jesse row when he tells her she’s lucky to have him, she breaks up with him and tells Glenn she is done with the blackmail and doesn’t care if Jesse knows the truth. In a brief moment of compassion Glenn convinces his son not to give up on Courtney rather than revealing what Courtney has been up to. Jesse made a scrapbook of their future together, and proposed, to which Courtney said yes.

4977 COURTNEY JESSE.png(Picture Lime Pictures) Will Courtney and Jesse be happy?

Elsewhere, Darren hides behind the bedroom door desperately trying to avoid an irate Nancy catching him out having an affair with Mandy. Later, it’s his birthday party, and Nancy gives a heartfelt speech in front of everyone about how lucky she is to have him. Is he having second thoughts about him and Mandy?

(Picture Lime Pictures) Nancy attempts to find out who Mandy is having her affair with

Meanwhile, Milo sends a fake email from Cindy to Tom and Holly, telling them she has gone on a cruise and they have to look after Milo. He sets up cameras around the house for Cindy, and she can see how annoyed her family are at her for leaving when they need her most.

4977 TOM HOLLY.png(Picture Lime Pictures) Milo brought his very own style of Big Brother to the house

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and at 7pm on E4

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