In tonight’s episode, Courtney and Jesse were busy celebrating their engagement, but Glenn was still pressuring her to purify the drugs. Jesse drunkenly thanked his dad for advising him not to give up on love, leaving Glenn touched. He later finds Courtney in the science lab at the school, and tears up their agreement, she’s finally free. However, when she placed the drugs back in Glenn’s office, DS Roxy arrived catching her in the act.

(IMAGE Lime Pictures) Courtney was busted by DS Roxy

Elsewhere, Simone, Maxine and Grace team up to become the WAG’s (Women Against Glenn) as they all seek revenge. His secrets are revealed; he trashed Price slice, he shot both Kim and Adam, and he has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Grace is out for blood and orders a gun to get justice her way, but the women convince her to try a different tactic.

4978 SIMONE MAXINE GRACE.png(IMAGE Lime Pictures) WAG’s team up against Glenn

Later, they set their plan in action. Maxine and Simone headed off to Glenn’s office to check the gun he shot Kim with was still there, meanwhile Grace invited him over as a distraction. When the women break-in, a silent alarm is set off, which alerts Glenn there is an intruder. They are delighted to find the gun, but suddenly a car rolls up outside, and it’s Glenn! They manage to slip out the back unseen, and he is relieved to find the gun is still there.

4978 SIMONE MAXINE(IMAGE Lime Pictures) Maxine and Simone search Glenn’s office

Simone and Maxine head straight to the police station, Maxine retracts her alibi, and the police set out to find the gun. However, when Simone arrives home and tells Zack her plan, he panics as his fingerprints are all over the gun, forcing them to steal and dump it in the river before the police arrive.

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and 7pm on E4

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