In next Friday’s first episode, we see that Angie is struggling to hide her feelings knowing her marriage is on the rocks Jude avoids Angie wanting to talk but as he and Mary make arrangements for their vow renewal, Tracy ridicules their decision to surprise Angie.

Meanwhile as Angie has admitted to Adam that her marriage seems unfixable but despite Jude’s best efforts to distract her, Ange bites the bullet and declares that their marriage is over!

(Picture ITV) Is it all over for Angie and Jude?

In Friday’s second episode, we see that Jude will start to keep secrets again with him refusing Angie’s decision of ending their marriage and bolts her out of the house. With Jude is total denial, Jude shows Mary a dress he’s bought for Angie for the renewal. With Jude asking Angie to wait just one more day before going public about the news of their spilt, will she agree?

By Kellie

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