When Leanne starts work at Barlow Legal Services, Adam soon picks up on her and Imran’s flirting. When Imran’s mum tries to persuade him to join her on her six-week cruise, he asks Kate to suggest it to Rana instead, claiming they could build bridges. Kate flatly refuses, pointing out that Imran’s just trying to wriggle out of going himself.

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But when Alya urges Rana to make the most of any chance to get along with her mum. Imran can barely conceal his delight when Rana reveals she’ll accompany Saira on the cruise.

Saira’s delighted when Rana offers to go on the cruise. Admitting that Hassan had cut Rana out of his will, she asks Imran to split his inheritance now that Rana’s seen sense. Unable to keep up her pretence Rana admits she still loves Kate and they never split up. How will Saira react? Kate gives Rana an ultimatum, if she goes on the cruise she won’t wait for her, Rana’s gutted.

(Picture ITV) Kate gives Rana an ultimatum

Later a tearful Rana seeks Imran’s advice as two masked teens grab Simon in the street and force him into a waiting car. Seeing what’s happening Kate grabs Simon, dragging him to safety.

(Picture ITV) not all superheroes wear capes

As the week draws to a close Daniel suggests to Kate her ultimatum is unfair she’s torn. Will the girls make up before Rana leaves or has she missed her opportunity?

Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 27th August

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