STE AND HARRY(Picture Lime Pictures) Ste decides to help find Kyle

Ste breaks up with Harry over the revelation that he has been selling himself for sex, but Ste sympathises with James, and decides to help prove his innocence, and find Kyle. They lure him in with a fake profile, but that isn’t enough evidence for the police, so they have to meet up with him. It doesn’t prove too difficult as they meet him in a pub, and force him to tell the truth.

KYLE ALIVE(Picture Lime Pictures) Ste and Harry track down Kyle

Meanwhile, Sami dresses up as an airline pilot and invites Ellie to travel around the world with him, but she seems hesitant about leaving her family. She visits James in the hospital and confides in him about the trip, he sets his differences with Sami aside and advises her to think about herself and do what makes her happy.

(Picture Lime Pictures) Sami surprises Ellie with round the world tickets

Ellie rushes back to tell Sami she accepts his offer, and Marnie is distraught over the thought of her daughter leaving, so Ellie plans to throw a party to ease the blow. The party is in full flow, but Ellie’s heartfelt speech is interrupted by Harry and Ste and a very much alive Kyle, who tells everyone that Sami paid him to leave…

(Picture Lime Pictures) Kyle’s arrival breaks up the party

Elsewhere, Lily warns Romeo the kiss will never happen again, but there is clearly chemistry between the two, which Hunter notices. He questions Lily, and she confesses that Romeo tried to kiss her. She begs him not to tell Prince, he agrees but still warns Romeo to stay away. He is delighted when his crush Asha arrives, but Romeo convinces her that Hunter is in love with Lily, he kisses her on stage in front of the whole crowd, leaving Hunter heartbroken, and Lily jealous.

(Picture Lime Pictures) Will Hunter tell Prince about Lily and Romeo?

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