Well wasn’t that dramatic?

Milo and Liberty slept together for the first time, but that didn’t last long as he rushed off and caught Cindy trying to escape her captivity. Cindy is desperately trying to escape, but Milo soon decides he must get rid of her for good.

4984 MILO CINDY.jpg(Picture Lime Pictures) Milo wanted rid of Cindy forever

Tom and Holly are growing more and more suspicious about Cindy’s whereabouts, and call her, only to find her phone in Milo’s room, along with newspaper cuttings which reveal Milo’s real identity.They track down Milo’s location and arrive to the scrap yard to find Cindy in the Cunningham’s car hanging from a crane, with Milo at the controls.

4984 MILO (2)(Picture Lime Pictures) One more terrible accident for Milo

When Tom attempted to stop Milo, the lever controlling the crane snapped off, leaving Cindy in perilous danger. She soon broke free from her ties, but the car door swung open leaving her dangling out of it. Tom, Cindy, Liberty and Milo held a tarpaulin out for her, and she landed safely, but suddenly the car suspended in the air fells and Milo pushed Tom out of the way, sacrificing himself.

4984 TOM(Picture Lime Pictures) Milo saved Tom

All Milo ever wanted was to protect the Cunninghams but has he died saving Tom?

4984 CINDY HOLLY LIBERTY.png(Picture Lime Pictures) Are they finally free of Milo?

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and 7pm on E4

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