It is a week of trouble for the Blackstocks, thanks to interference by Bernice and Nicola it is all over for Misty and Rodney.  However, there is now guilt aplenty as Rodney is not taking it well at all. As his daughters reassure him he’s better off without her Rodney is hell bent on finding out why she left without him.

(Picture ITV) Rodney collapses

And soon Bernice is forced to come clean over lies they told Misty (ie he was too sick to go with her) leaving Rodney incandescent with rage. Rodney suddenly collapses and as his life hangs in the balance Nicola calls an ambulance.

(Picture ITV) Nicola calls an ambulance as they worry

Emmerdale airs these scenes on Monday 27th August.


By Eastieoaks

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