His evil deeds may finally have caught up with him next week but there is no chance of Lachlan White going quitely as Sam and Belle Dingle find theirselves in danger.

Lachlan tries his best to hide his escalating panic when the police arrive to ask him a few questions. Later, Robert and Priya grow more suspicious of Lachlan and Sam is soon left in danger when he discovers how dark Lachlan can be.

(Picture ITV) Will Sam regret crossing Lachlan

Soon Belle feels like she’s caught in a waking nightmare when she spots a bloody jacket and pleads with Lachlan to tell her where Sam is.

(Picture ITV) Belle wants answers

When a panicked Belle bolts for the door a struggle ensues and Lachlan pulls her back roughly. Belle pleads with Lachlan to let her see Sam but when she discovers a seemingly lifeless Sam she’s distraught. Soon, Belle’s life is also in danger as Lachlan forces her to leave with him.

(Picture ITV) Would Lachlan kill Belle?

Before long, Belle is hurt and lying in the road but how did she get there and will Lachlan really kill the love of his life?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 3rd September on ITV1.

By Eastieoaks

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