Rob turns up to the Carter House to inform them Tarks was run over this evening and they have reason to believe Heston’s car was involved.

Addison wonders how the driver got hold of the keys and Heston is forced to admit they are kept in a bowl by the front door. Addison doesn’t think someone stole them – isn’t it more likely they were taken by someone in the house?

16315187-low-doctors-201819.jpg(Picture BBC) Heston has had enough

After the interviews, the family have their fingerprints taken. Heston has had enough of all this now – they are not under arrest and they are going home.

Alia admits she has been taking driving lessons in Heston’s car so is capable of driving it but she didn’t.

16315200-low-doctors-201819.jpg(Picture BBC) Is Alia responsible?

Is she lying? Or is something more dangerous happening?

This episode airs on Monday 3rd September

By Eastieoaks

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