3rd September The Carters receive an unwelcome surprise. Jack makes a big decision about his future. Sharon is playing with fire.

4th September The police arrive at the Vic. Keanu makes a shocking discovery. Jack’s plan backfires.

6th September The police continue their investigation. Mel finds herself in an impossible situation.

7th September Jack’s day goes from bad to worse. Shocking news ripples around the square. Sharon delivers some stern advice.


3rd September Damon is desperate to get back with Holly. He spots her out running and Brody gives him a little push to speak to her. Scott offers to help Diane prepare for Ollie’s leaving party but accidentally drops the cake she’s baked.

4th September Darren finally decides to call things off with Mandy, but tells her that if she needs a fresh start, she should still leave Luke. Scott feels awful about ruining Diane’s cake and attempts to replicate it.

5th September Scott convinces Diane that he didn’t do anything, while Darren tries to comfort Mandy but she can’t forgive him for ending their relationship.

6th September Imran heads to Ollie’s place to offer some support and play video games. Scott’s social media is bombarded with abuse after Buster reveals his full name to the press.

7th September Peri and Harley are thinking about going back to school and university. Glenn returns to the village, much to Grace and Maxine’s disappointment.

Coronation Street

3rd September Episode 1 Angie is left stunned by Jude’s elaborate surprise. Daniel shares Sinead’s secret with Carla. Jack’s homecoming party fails to lift his spirits.

3rd September Episode 2 Jude takes the credit for saving Roy’s life. Sinead and Carla’s showdown ends in a trip to hospital. Simon receives some good news at last.

5th September Episode 1 Paula sets her sights on Sophie. Tyrone meets his estranged father at Jackie’s will reading. Max lands David with a cash-flow problem.

5th September Episode 2 A clueless Sally tries her hand at matchmaking. David and Dev become instant rivals. Jude contemplates a challenging new career.

5th September 9PM Coronation Street’s DNA Secrets – The cast of Coronation Street are DNA tested to explore their ancestral stories.

7th September Episode 1 A gatecrasher interrupts Steve’s stag party. Bethany follows Billy to Josh’s hospital bedside. Toyah has a stressful start to her new job.

7th September Episode 2 Jim’s return is greeted with hostility. Bethany accuses Billy of betraying David. Carla forms a new plan to deal with her Peter problem.


3rd September Sam is in danger. Noah’s concerned for Joe. Matty encourages Victoria to move on.

4th September Belle makes a grim discovery. Matty steels himself. Bernice is grateful.

5th September Belle’s fearful. Matty has a confrontation. Bernice’s head is turned.

6th September Episode 1 Belle fights for survival. Matty confides in Moira. Jessie reunites with her son.

6th September Episode 2 Belle is in peril. Marlon has an offer for Ellis. Victoria makes her move.

7th September Ellis has questions for Jessie. A secret is buried. Victoria fights her feelings.


3rd September – The Carter family are questioned individually about Heston’s missing car and who put Tarks in hospital. By the end of it the police are no closer to the truth, but then Alia admits she has been lying. Ayesha’s night out with a new friend ends with the police being called out – and someone gets arrested.

4th September –  Rob and Addison question their new suspect. The suspect denies running Tarks over and claims to have an alibi but won’t say who it is. Are they protecting someone? Meanwhile, tensions are also running high at the Carter house, and new accusations are made. Ruhma and Heston now wonder if Farah is actually guilty – maybe someone here did it after all.

5th September – Joe outwits Daniel and Zara. Elsewhere, Heston is arrested while his family look on in horror. Addison lists the evidence they have and it isn’t looking too good for Heston at all. Back at home there are further shocks in store for Ruhma. Later, Heston does confess to something and Addison is now convinced they have the right man.

6th September – Mrs Tembe helps a grieving mother and daughter get to the bottom of a mystery key, with the help of a medium who seems to be doing more harm than good. Zara and Daniel come to blows about having more children, and as the real culprit of the hit-and-run becomes clear, Alia decides to take matters into her own hands.

7th September – Sid helps a cuckolded husband with more than one pain in the back to deal with. Karen is worried about James, and Alia demands answers from Tarks. But Tarks has a few home truths of his own to offer as he tells Rob he is ready to reveal what really happened on the night of the hit-and-run.

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