After Brody Hudson and Ollie Morgan spoke to the police, they arrived at Marnie’s flat to bring Buster in for questioning. He went at Brody when he figured who was responsible for the accusations, but Brody was strong and finally told Damon the truth about his abuse. Damon wasn’t having any of it and refused to believe Brody, siding with his dad.

4989 BUSTER (2).png(Picture Lime Pictures) Buster was taken in for questioning in front of everyone

A calm Buster denied the charges telling the police that Ollie and Brody were after attention, but he was left shaken when they told him they can retrieve phone records. After being released he wanted to leave the village and tried to convince Damon to go with him.

4989 BUSTER  DAMON.png(Picture Lime Pictures) Buster wanted out and QUICK!

Meanwhile, Brody went to visit Scott and to tell him the truth about Buster, while there an emotional Damon visited and called them both liars.

4989 BRODY SCOTT DAMON.png(Picture Lime Pictures) Damon refused to believe Scott and Brody

Marnie finally saw Buster’s true colours, demanding he gets out of her flat. Before she called the police, he threatened her not telling her not to move until he was gone. Damon who was finally convinced by Brody that he is telling the truth and arrived to catch Buster before he escaped.

4989 BUSTER (4).png(Picture Lime Pictures) Marnie was on the receiving end of Buster’s temper

The police arrived with the evidence they needed to arrest him once and for all, he is taken away.

4989 LUKE OLLIE.png(Picture Lime Pictures) Bye, Bye Buster!

(Picture Lime Pictures) It’s over Buster!

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