Since Mac Nightingale was put into hospital life has been far from stress-free for the family, and next week the voice in Alfie’s head is back after the recent events his family have been put through. Cindy who has also recently gone through a traumatic ordeal is concerned he’s having a relapse…

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Alfie is confused when he gets a call from his dad but is eventually delighted to hear from him. Mac is desperate to get back in Marnie’s good books and pleads to her that all the time in a coma made him a better man. Has evil Mac changed his ways…

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The Nightingales are arguing about whether they should allow Mac back into the family or not, Alfie accidentally blurts out that Mac has woken up to Ellie. He is desperately trying to persuade her to give Mac another chance and visit him.

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Later Alfie misinterprets a conversation between Mac and Ellie in the hospital believing she is threatening him. He goes to drastic measures to keep his dad safe, calling the police to have her arrested.

Hollyoaks continues at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and at 7pm on E4


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