Finally, after much heartache in Hollyoaks both Ellie Nightingale and Holly Cunningham have left the village for a much needed fresh start as they set off travelling on the trip of a lifetime.

It seemed Ellie’s trip of a lifetime was doomed after her brother Alfie told the police that she pushed Mac out of a window last year. James wouldn’t give up hope and in his desperation he accepted the offer of recruiting his arch enemy and Ellie’s ex-boyfriend, Sami Maalik, to help with the legal matters. Sami came up with the idea of using Alfie’s relapse to get his statement discredited.

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Meanwhile, Holly was gutted to discover her travel companion is behind bars. Cindy even offered to buy Ellie’s ticket and go on the trip with her, but after Alfie ran away from the Nightingale’s home, she realised she had to stay and support him. As she broke the news to her daughter that she wouldn’t be coming, Holly was very relieved.

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As her best friend turned up in a shiny new car to whisk her away. They both said their goodbyes and left the village.

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Amanda Clapham reprised the role of Holly Cunningham in November 2013 and has been involved in many popular, emotional and hard hitting storylines ever since. From marrying Jason Roscoe and having an affair with his twin brother, to nearly getting hitched this year to Damon Kinsella, only to discover he slept with her mum. It was only a matter of time until the sweet, intelligent and hard-working Holly flew the nest.

Ellie Nightingale, played by Sophie Porley, arrived in Hollyoaks with her family in October 2015, and certainly had an explosive few years in the village. From pushing her dad out the window, to suffering an abortion earlier this year, this sweet yet spiky girl has a bright future ahead.

The two best friends found themselves in similar uncompromising situations last year after they were both sexually assaulted by Nick Savage. He first assaulted Ellie, and was arrested after she reported him, but the charges were dropped. Holly and Nick formed a close relationship, and after Nick humiliated Holly at his graduation party, he sexually assaulted her, similarly to how he assaulted Ellie. He eventually admits to the police that he assaulted the two girls, and is arrested. This Hollyoaks consent storyline was hard-hitting and won the show a Broadcast Award for Hollyoaks as best soap and continuing drama.

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