After Russ got suspicious about the number of spouses that have ended up six feet under after being with Mercedes he called her out on it and accused her of being a serial killer.

Tonight Russ was desperately trying to win back Mercedes Mcqueen and started by splashing the cash and throwing credit cards through the letter box.

He even brought her a lavish car, but nothing seemed to work until Sylver gave Russ an idea… to buy Mercedes some land that she can call her own… so he brought her The Dog!
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The previous owners were the Nightingales, who were in charge of this iconic Chester pub since 2015. Marnie’s mission was to add class and sophistication to the venue, with fine dining and delightful décor. Buster offered to buy it for her once she could no longer afford it, but after his arrest it went back on the market. Next week on Hollyoaks we will see a devastated Marnie mourn her beloved class filled pub, as she watches the McQueen restyle the venue.
The Dog has been a landmark for the village since the show started in 1995 and has seen its fair share of drama. The Dog in the Pond was nominated as the “Best TV Boozer of All Time” in a poll run by Blackthorn Cider, and it’ll certainly get a boost of energy now the McQueens are in charge. The pub was burnt down in 2006, which saw five regular characters’ lives lost, and was one of the biggest disasters ever to happen in the village.
Look forward to The Dog hosting Bingo in the Buff, a Superhero fancy dress party, and lots more karaoke…

Hollyoaks continues at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and at 7pm on E4

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