Brody very much crossed that friendship line in trying to help Damon and Holly

Brody is trying to cheer up his best mate Damon after he was rejected for good by his ex-fiancé Holly. He does his best to convince Holly to give him a second chance, and even tries to set him up with Tegan, but both to no avail.

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He bumps into Luke who happens to be carrying the inappropriate pictures of Ollie, and Brody comes to the realisation that Buster has a new victim. He is distraught knowing Ollie is going through the same ordeal he went through, and confronts Buster, who does his best to shut him down, and even accuses him of being jealous. Feeling confused and upset, he tries to kiss Holly, which Damon sees…

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With Holly about to exit Hollyoaks this can’t surely end well.

Hollyoaks continues at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and at 7pm on E4 from Monday 3rd September

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