Ollie is pretending to be sick in the hopes Luke will stop him going on the Barcelona trip with Buster, but instead Luke believes he may be drinking again. He searches the flat for alcohol, only to find the inappropriate pictures Buster took of Ollie in the bin, and presumes they were taken by a girl.

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When Ollie sees Luke has found the pictures he panics and admits that someone forced him to take it… a man. Luke fills with anger as he demands his son tell him who took the images, and accuses Scott of being the culprit, to which Ollie agrees.

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Scenes airing later in the week will show Scott being taken in for questioning and suffering online abuse as Buster gives his details to the press.

Hollyoaks continues at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and at 7pm on E4 from Monday 3rd September

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