Neighbours spoilers: Aaron and David tie the knot

Love is in the air as Aaron and David get married in a tv first for Australian TV.

1. Aaron is determined to walk down the aisle

(Picture Channel 5) Aaron (Matt Wilson) arrives at his wedding in a wheelchair and helped by his family

Since Aaron injured his back he has been determined not to let it affect him and shows his strength when he walks down the aisle.

2. Leo and Terese get passionate

(Picture Channel 5)

When the hotel room of some musicians is trashed Terese is surveying the damage done and when Leo turns up its not long before they have are all over each other.

3. Karl has a family reunion  

When Susan pulls out of the wedding the time to find a new celebrant is short, step forward the energetic Jemima Davies-Smythe who has a less than happy first meeting when Susan accidentally steps in dog shit and damages the front of Jemima’s car.

(Picture Channel 5)

4. Even Paul Robinson is in a happy mood

The guests listen as Paul makes a heartfelt speech at David and Aaron’s wedding reception.

(Picture Channel 5)

I can’t see that happy mood lasting long when he finds out about Terese and Leo.

5. There is a nod to the past done very well

(Picture Channel 5)

Neighbours over the years have had some amazing weddings some have been really memroable for various reasons and this a small part of this plays homeage to that.

Neighbours air these scenes from Monday 3rd September on Channel 5


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