Toadie puts his doubts aside and allows Andrea to see Hugo. Roxy finds a buyer for Vance’s horse, but nobody is celebrating— especially the recipient. Bea and Finn get a little too close for comfort. A vengeful Mark is struggling to move on. Chloe misjudges her relationship with Pierce.

Monday 3rd June

Toadie is angry to see Andrea in town, and annoyed to discover that it was Shane who contacted her. Mark investigates Andrea’s claims and finds some evidence that Dee could still be alive. Roxy devises a plan to get into Paul’s good books in the hope of persuading him to buy Vance’s racehorse.

Tuesday 4th June

Karl tries to find out how much Andrea really knows by putting her under hypnosis. It seems to be working until she suddenly becomes distraught—but is she faking? Paul decides to buy Vance’s racehorse as a gift for Terese. Vance tries to conceal his disquiet when Roxy gives him the supposedly good news.

(Picture: Channel 5) Andrea (Madeleine West) appears traumatised when Karl puts her under hypnosis to recall the mystery man who called her Dee 

Wednesday 5th June

Toadie reluctantly changes his mind and allows Andrea a supervised visit with Hugo. She leaves with a promise to do whatever it takes to make things right, but she has a hidden agenda. Ned finds out that Terese’s new horse is stolen. Furious, she calls off the sale and tells Vance to leave town before she calls the police.

Thursday 6th June

David and Aaron book a holiday to Japan, but they remain concerned about Mark, especially as Shaun is apparently bonding with Elly. Terese strikes a bargain with Vance. Yashvi has an embarrassing moment with Ned, witnessed by Shaun. When Bea hears about it, she feels confused and gets un- expectedly close to Finn.

Friday 7th June

June Bea and Finn struggle to make sense of their feelings for each other. Aaron warns Mark against letting his personal feelings interfere with his work. Yashvi tries to deal with the consequences of her faux pas . Chloe learns that Pierce has hired out the Back Lane Bar for a romantic evening and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

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