Monday 10th September

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Ryan notices how distressed Charity is ahead of the trial and calls Bails. Ryan meets up with an opportunistic Bails and asks him to plead guilty. Bails shows his true colours and Ryan lashes out and throws a plank of wood at him. As Bails falls over, he tells Ryan he’s made a big mistake, leaving Ryan worried at what he might do.

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Later, Cain tells Charity that Ryan has been arrested for assault but reassures her that he’ll be fine. Charity fears Bails has something up his sleeve and is going to walk free at the trial.

Tuesday 11th September

Charity takes to the stand and explains her history and how Bails won her trust as she recalls the past. Charity continues to answer the defence’s questions and, although buoyed to see Ryan and Noah, she’s left feeling like she’s blown it.

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Charity’s rocked by Bails’ account of the past as he takes to the stand, claiming he had genuine feelings for Charity. Backing up her husband’s case, Chloe lies to the prosecution. Once back home, Charity breaks down.

Wednesday 12th September

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The day of the verdict, Cain finds Charity struggling and defeated, Charity thinks Bails will be found not guilty. Cain tries to talk her down as Faith announces the jury are back with a verdict…

Does Charity get justice? tune in this week to find out.


By Eastieoaks

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