It seems the grim reaper could be about to make another visit Emmerdale after Ross Barton collapses following a drug-fueled party.

Scenes aired recently showed a drugged up Ross taking out his pain and frustrations on an old car by smashing it up alongside Tracy Metcalfe.

image567567(Picture ITV)

This hasn’t helped him and this week we see him taking more drugs which leave more than just him in danger.

A disapproving Tracy warns Ross he needs to stop taking drugs. Meanwhile, Ross is relieved when Moira agrees to give him some work but Cain isn’t happy.

Later, Ross promises Ryan he won’t take any more drugs.

(Picture ITV)

After another drug fuelled party. Ross struggles to cope with his comedown as he looks after Moses. Out with Moses, Ross takes out a small bag of drugs and soon Ross is full of energy as he plays football with his son until he suddenly collapses to the ground in agony clutching his chest as he passes out and Moses heads off towards the bridge…

(Picture ITV)

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 17th September on ITV

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