After seeing a guilty DI Bails get sent to prison, Charity Dingle remains on a self-destructive path next week as she goes looking for answers which lead to her coming face to face with her dad once again.

The past year has been anything but plain sailing for Charity but with Vanessa by her side she has got through some of the hardest times in her life and as she finds herself trying to support Charity through another difficult time which by the end of the week sees them declaring their love for each other.

27_09_EMM_VANESSA_CHARITY_2ND_EP_02.jpg(Picture ITV)

Charity is in self-destruct mode and is angry at her family for doing nothing when her dad threw her out as a teenager. A grim Charity heads off in search of more vodka and overhears Cain remark that she’s never going to change. She’s stung to fear he’s right and lifts Zak’s van keys and heads out.

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A drunken Charity runs over Monty’s paw with the van. The next morning a hungover Charity wakes up in a field and lashes out at a farmer who calls the police. She’s let off with an unofficial warning and tells her family she wanted to find her dad but drunkenly passed out.

27_09_EMM_VANESSA_CHARITY_2ND_EP_03.jpg(Picture ITV)

Zak confides in Chas that he knows where Charity’s dad Obadiah is…

26_09_EMM_CHARITY_DAD_05.jpg(Picture ITV)

Charity prepares to visit her dad but will the meeting go well or will she regret letting Obadiah back into her life?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 24th September on ITV


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One thought on “Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield declare their love after a tough week”
  1. Emma Atkins is an phenomenal actress and Emmerdale has done a good job getting across what has been done to charity in the past I’m glad they are not just passing it off now that Bails was sent down we need to see this from start to finish for a change. Charity and Vanessa are by far the best same sex couple of any TV show on television they are relatable and honest and raw with their emotions they are rare and very realistic to watch I just hope the writers and the show over don’t get bored and drop their story as it is the very best on TV hope there is so much more to come from Vanity. I personally would love to see a late night Vanity special episode’s look forward to seeing more.

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