The affair is finally revealed and by Mandy!

Today is the day Darren and Nancy are officially fostering Brooke. However, Nancy was determined that Luke should find out that Mandy was planning to leave him for but Darren convinced her that Luke was vulnerable and needed their support.

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When Luke explained to Nancy how much support Mandy had given him she decided not to tell him.

That didn’t stop her threatening Mandy who accused her of being at fault for Luke missing the signs of Ollie’s abuse as she was too distracted by her affair. Nancy pushed Mandy too far who finally spilt the beans on exactly who the mystery man was.

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Nancy wasn’t about to let this spoil the fostering and put on a brave face as the social worker agreed to let Brooke stay, but as soon as she left Nancy told Darren she knew about his affair and ordered him to pack his bags and get out.

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Luke also finally learned the truth when Mandy confessed to him the mystery man she had been seeing was Darren and he was lost for words.

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