Luke Morgan paid the price for his attack on Scott Drinkwell and was sentenced to 2 years in prison leaving Mandy and Ollie to cope without him.

Luke’s prison sentence brings an end, for now, actor Gary Lucy’s time in the show as he leaves to star in The Full Monty play.

Tonight was Luke’s day in court and as Mandy was trying to put their recent turmoil aside and support him as he said his goodbyes to his step-daughter, Ella. Little did they know Luke and Ollie was planning to make a run for it.

They didn’t get very far when Brody Hudson caught them packing the car and begged them not to leave. Brody tried to argue that running away wouldn’t help and that he needed Ollie to stay for Buster’s trial. Mandy went to visit Scott and asked whether he’d be willing to speak up for Luke in court, and he reluctantly agreed. When they returned home it was discovered Luke had left.

Instead of going to the airport, Luke revisited the place he was sexually assaulted. Ollie pleaded with him, but in the end, Luke knew Brody was right. They both can’t run away and he must face up to his mistakes. Luke turned up at court just in time and apologised to Mandy for everything he has put her through. Later, Luke was escorted out in handcuffs, and he reassured his son everything will be okay.

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Elsewhere, Darren was messaging Nancy begging for her to hear him out, and hoping for a second chance. She invited Darren over, only to discuss work arrangements. She asked him whether he ever slept with Mandy in their own home, and was disgusted with the answer. Charlie walked in on them both arguing, so they decided it was time to tell the children. They sat them down and broke the news of them splitting up, which didn’t go down too well.

Later, after letting the news sink in, they spoke to Charlie and Brooke to reassure them it’s not their fault, and Darren took all the blame. Later, he promised to always be there for Nancy, a touching moment which led to them kissing. He vowed to never stop trying to win her back.

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