No sooner has Sienna Blake stepped out of prison is she being recruited by Nancy Osborne to help bring down her cheating husband Darren – so much for going straight.

Sienna was trying to put the past behind her and start fresh, but Nancy had revenge in mind. Sienna and Kyle attempt to get Nancy to put her vendetta against Darren idea behind her, but after hearing that Darren and Mandy have made their relationship official, they changed had a change of heart.

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Sienna was after a new passion and that was to become a teacher she even asked Sally St. Claire who responded by laughing at her.

Sienna was determined and struck up a deal with Nancy, if she could convince Sally to reconsider her as a trainee teacher, she would help Nancy prove to Darren she is doing just great without him.

Later, while Darren and Mandy were on a date at The Loft. Nancy arrived looking incredible, and Darren’s jaw dropped. Nancy who was getting a bit too drunk spotted the new couple sharing a kiss. She launched herself at Kyle and kissed him. A jealous Darren saw and was furious that Kyle would take advantage, so he punched him in the face.

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Nancy wanted Darren out of her life for good, so she reported him for assault.


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