As Tiffany gets in deeper with Jagger and his gang she makes a shocking discovery and Bernadette is on the receiving end of a dangerous warning when she gets involved.

Tiffany is upset at Jagger’s lack of attention so enlists Bernadette’s help to catch his eye and when he finally replies, Tiffany lies to both Whitney and Bernadette about meeting up with him.

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However, when Tiffany arrives at the café she is disappointed to see Jagger with his gang and after trying to impress them and being ignored, she heads off – unaware Jagger and the gang are all smirking – what are they up to?

Later Bernadette spots Tiffany’s second phone but is quickly thrown off the scent. However, when Bernadette meddles in Tiffany and Jagger’s relationship, Jagger sends her a dangerous warning.

As Bernadette confronts Jagger the pair clash with Tiffany taking his side, and later, Jagger and Stix plot how they will get back at Bernadette.

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A smitten Tiffany spends time with Jagger and when he gets a call he has to sort, Tiffany offers to help but is quickly shut down. Elsewhere, after speaking to Karen, Whitney realises she’s been lied to, but when she confronts Tiffany about her whereabouts the previous night, Tiffany acts affronted leaving Whitney feeling guilty.

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Later, Tiffany learns Jagger is paying a girl to store phones for him, so gives him an ultimatum – she helps or they’re over. Once alone at home Tiffany makes a shocking discovery

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Just what has Tiffany got herself invovled with? and can Bernadette save her from trouble?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One

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