Emmerdale spoilers: Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle tie the knot

After many months of waiting for the wedding, we finally get to see Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle make a commitment to each other as they finally get their happy ceremony next week but the occasion is tinged with sadness.

Following the death of baby Grace, Harriet calls round to see Chas and Paddy about Grace’s funeral. Chas starts to talk about Aaron and Robert’s wedding and insists it shouldn’t be postponed, leaving Paddy concerned.

Later, Aaron casts his doubts but Chas is adamant, telling Aaron they need this. Soon it’s the day of the wedding and Paddy worries how Chas will cope.

8l2HgZc2frFeIlUoVOQBIt84tULCvtitt5L7_ju5XTU(Picture ITV)

Meanwhile, Robert gets ready as he tries to convince Victoria how sorry Aaron is for lying to her about Adam. Victoria is determined to put Robert first despite everything and agrees to attend the wedding.

myKqLdhI9s6HKpoTrIdh9GBEj0VYrqL5wqb2i6NppdU(Picture ITV)

Later Aaron hands Robert his old watch, which Aaron has had engraved with the dates of their two weddings. Robert is overwhelmed and both head off happy and excited to get married. Soon with family and friends gathered at a pagoda outside the Village Hall, the wedding ceremony gets underway.

fhEw1_JgHZ-miOsZbfspV6rKsMjeK3O_8A26Ga_eCYM(Picture ITV)

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 1st October on ITV

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