Poor Monty

Dingle court in session.

09-24_DINGLE_-COURT(Picture ITV)

I loved Charity telling the Dingles what for especially when what she said was true even she said to Zak about how he stood by and let it happen.

Another lovely scene between Cain and Charity

Cain apologised to Charity who said to herself that she is still damaged goods just like Bails and Cain have told her. Charity also thinks that Ryan and Vanessa will end up hating her.

09-24_CHARITY2(Picture ITV)

Self-destructive Charity

You can hardly blame Charity for being so pissed at the Dingles when after her recent struggles the fact they were paying the dog more attention than her after she got drunk and then behind the wheel of a van.

24_09_EMM_CHARITY_VAN_03(Picture ITV)

Zak was clearly concerned about the dog leaving Charity to declare she was “excommunicating them” and walked off


I find myself growing fond of Rebecca and Ross shame with his exit soon it probably isn’t going to last

Also tonight Ross and Rebecca both agreed to support each other as they face their demons before Rebecca decided they are both on their own.

09-24_ROSSREBCCA(Picture ITV)

I have never been a Rebecca fan but I do find myself warming to her as she is trying to make a life for herself even after everything she hasn’t given up.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV


By Eastieoaks

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