Uh oh, let’s see how long the new calm and mellow Sienna will last now.

Damon got a call from prison letting him know Buster has given him a visitation ban, and soon realised it was Brody who visited him. When Brody turned up to work, hungover and dishevelled, Russ nearly fired him.

Later, when a prostitute turned up at Price Slice asking for Brody… he owed her money. Sienna hears, and uses this as an opportunity to publicly humiliate him in The Dog, by reminding people how much of a love rat he is. Brody storms off and Damon lets Sienna know all about what he’s been going through.

5009 SIENNA BRODY.jpg(Picture Lime Pictures)

Feeling awful she went to apologise. He screamed at her to go, but she won’t, as she knows how it feels. She wants to help him move on, so he comes back to her apartment to see the mood board. They both open up to each other, and an emotional moment turns in to a romantic one as they end up kissing. Liberty walks in just in time to witness it…

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Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and 7pm on E4

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