It is meant to be the happiest time of Cleo Mcqueens life but her fiancee Joel threatens that by making a visit to her abuser Pete in prison.

It all starts when Pete sends Cleo a letter in the post wishing her congratulations on her engagement, and it causes her to panic.

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Joel finds out, and unaware that his fiancé has never stopped bingeing, blames Pete for Cleo relapsing. In a rage, he pretends to be a vicar and manages to get alone time with him in prison, what is Joel capable of…

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Meanwhile, Goldie and Nana soon discover that Joel and Cleo are planning a separate wedding by overhearing them talking to Father Marcus.

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They decide to play dirty by planning Cleo and Mercedes a week-long hen do, which will make Cleo miss her own wedding….

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What will Joel do to Pete? and will Cleo and Joel overcome all the obstacles and get married? tune in to find out..

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6:30 pm and E4 at 7 pm

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