There is something very shifty about Ray and next week Mel makes a discovery leading to a shocking proposition.

After telling Mel he is busy, Ray overhears Carmel’s conversation on trying to reduce knife crime and suggests they meet to discuss ideas at The Vic – much to Mel’s annoyance.

As Carmel and Ray talk, Mel spots Jack at the bar and tells him Ray is sticking to his story about his hand. However, when Jack reveals some information Mel asks him to find out more.

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Later on, Mel hands him and wad of cash – she wants him to do this as a job, not a favour.

Mel is thrilled when Ray gives her an anniversary surprise but her mind turns elsewhere when Jack informs her he has news. Trusting Ray, Mel tells Jack she doesn’t want to know; unaware that Ray is watching them from across the Square. Back home, Ray questions Mel about the exchange forcing her to admit she wanted information, leading the two to argue.

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Later in The Vic, Mel makes her anger towards Ray known but the pair finally come round and join each other for a drink. Suddenly, Ray gets an urgent phone call and rushes off raising Mel’s suspicions even more and she pays Jack a visit – what does he know?

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Later in the café, Mel puts two and two together and realises where Ray went. As she goes to find him, she makes a shocking discovery. and reeling from it, Mel warns Ray to stay away but soon has a change of heart and invites him over for dinner; making a surprising proposition.

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EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 8th October

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