At the Slater’s, Whitney tells Tiffany to stop seeing Jagger so Tiffany lies that she’s been dumped. Later, Tiffany secretly meets Jagger.

Bernadette is left in a tricky situation when Whitney asks her to keep Tiffany away from Jagger. After putting her foot in it with Tiffany by badmouthing Jagger, Bernadette tries to make it up to her but ends up humiliated when Tiffany invites her to hang out with the gang.

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Tiffany grows jealous when she sees Jagger talking to Louise and as Bernadette watches on, Dennis tells her what Jagger is really like.

Later on, Bernadette gives Tiffany some home truths about Jagger which leaves Tiffany torn about what she should do.

16399554-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Later at McKlunky’s, Tiffany is distraught when Jagger stands her up – is Bernadette right?

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 8th October on BBC One

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