Here are 10 spoilers for Monday 15th – Friday 19th October

1. Robert and Aaron arrive back from their honeymoon.

2. April gets excited about going to a school friends party but hides Leo’s invite from Marlon.

17_10_EMM_APRIL_MARLON_LEO_03.jpg(Picture ITV)

3. Robert’s alarmed to see the lock to the haulage office broken and papers everywhere. Aaron tries to hide guilt when Robert tells Victoria that no one knows where Adam is.

(Picture ITV)

4. Jessie is unsettled when Noah mentions to her about Maya giving him a lift.

17_10_EMM_NOAH_LEANNA_JACOD_03.jpg(Picture ITV)

5. Debbie breaks down as Sarah is wheeled out for her operation, fearing she will never see her daughter again.

6. Chas struggles when Harriet arrives to talk about Grace’s funeral and they set a date.

16_10_EMM_HARRIET_CHAS_PADDY_01.jpg(Picture ITV)

7. Dr Cavanagh tells Bernice that he wants to be with her and hates all the secrecy. Bernice lies and tells Daz that he needs to move back into Kerry and Dan’s.

8. Leyla talks to Clive on the phone about when he is coming to the village.

9. Bernice accidentally gets her foot grazed by a dart and Dr Cavanagh tends to Bernice.

18_10_EMM_BERNICE_LIAM_2ND_EP_01.jpg(Picture ITV)

10. Rhona fears Leo is being bullied.

Emmerdale air these scenes next week



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