1. Ellis is privately stung when Victoria tells him that she isn’t looking for a serious relationship with him.

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2. April tells Rhona and Marlon the reason Leo is being left out at school is that he keeps hitting the other kids and gets special treatment.

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3. Megan and Leyla are shocked when they find a mysterious woman, Suzie, ransacking the house but Leyla appears to know who she is. Suzie grabs Leyla’s handbag and a load of jewellery spills out. Suzie declares that Leyla stole them along with her fiancé, Clive.

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4. Lydia opens up to Sam as to why she couldn’t attend Grace’s funeral.

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5. At Take a Vow, Megan is fuming when clients start to cancel due to Susie’s scathing review about Leyla. Leyla laments over Clive and then gets angry at herself for believing that he loved her. When Clive suddenly appears and begs for a chance to explain things. Leyla is torn but will she forgive him?

6. Ross suggests that they leave the village, Rebecca is surprised and wonders if he is serious.

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7. Debbie is left speechless when her solicitor tells her that she has been given bail and can go home but alarmed to hear that she could be looking at five years in prison. Debbie sobs in earnest at her doomed future.

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8. Moira’s frustrated when Cain won’t answer any of her questions as to where he’s been and what’s going on with Graham.

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9. Chas and Paddy are overwhelmed to see the villagers lining the street towards the church. Chas and her family make the painful walk towards the church.


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10. A scheming Kerry takes secret tanning bookings behind Bernice’s back. As she prepares Jimmy for a spray tan, they hear the door unlocking and hide in the spray tent. Bernice and Liam enter, begin kissing and she drags him upstairs.

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