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Next week, we will see that Jessie is feeling rather unsettled when Noah mentions that Maya gave him a lift and Maya’s alarmed when Jessie who is the head teacher at the school where Maya works telling her that this is breaking the school’s safeguarding rules. This is a very touchy subject and one that you have to be careful with!

However, things soon turn messy when Jacob decides to push Noah at the bus stop after school and with Leanna telling Jessie that Jacob attacked Noah over Maya which leads to Maya receiving a warning from Jessie for giving Noah a life! And too right, she should!

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But when Leyla tries to convince Maya how much David still cares about her and soon after Maya and David kiss and make up with David and Jacob are thrilled when she agrees to move in with them again however when Leanna finds out what is happening she decides to angrily confront his mum, Maya which leads to Maya lashing out at her which causes Jacob to try and act as peacemaker when the two of them get nasty.


Later, after Leanna leaves Maya thanks Jacob for his help in defending her against her daughter, Leanna and as Maya snuggles up to David on the sofa, Jacob starts to realise he has feelings for her. What is gonna happen next?

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