Here are 15 spoilers for Monday 15th – Friday 19th October

1. Gary tells Kevin that he has an old army mate who’s an amputee and trains with the Paralympians. He suggests it might be good for Jack to meet him and Kevin agrees.

2. When Peter reveals that he’s suspended Vicky, Simon’s horrified, fearing that Tyler will make his life hell.

15_10_CORO_PETER_VICKY.jpg(Picture ITV)

3. When Cathy excitedly shows Brian some holiday brochures, he breaks the news that Phil, the Deputy Head, has tasked him with running the holiday club and it’s an honour he can’t refuse. Masking her disappointment, Cathy assures him he has her full support.

4. The police question Ali about being at the death of Cormac and the crash involving Ronan.

15_10_CORO_ALI_POLICE_01.jpg(Picture ITV)

5. Nick calls to see Leanne and tells her how sorry he is for the way he let her down and how he wants to make it up to her.

6. Angie lies to Jude and says she has a business meeting when in fact she is going for a date with a guy she met online.

19_10_CORO_ANGIE_DATE_02.jpg(Picture ITV)

7. Robert is suspicious of Ali’s behaviour. The police question Michelle about the accident and she is shocked when they tell her Ronan had a gun in his car.

8. Sinead attends her hospital appointment to be told she has cervical cancer and should consider a termination. Ken finds her at the flat in tears and she tells him about her diagnosis.

19_10_CORO_SINEAD_HOSPITAL_03.jpg(Picture ITV)

9. The police question Kevin about Michelle’s car, explaining that it was involved in a fatal crash. Kevin confirms that Abi serviced the car and she’s a trusted mechanic.

10. Roy tells Jude he has been shortlisted for a Good Samaritan award.

19_10_CORO_JUDE_ROY_CHEQUE_01.jpg(Picture ITV)

11. Gail is thrilled to see Nick but David makes it clear he wants nothing to do with him.

17_10_CORO_NICK_DAVID_02.jpg(Picture ITV)

12. A guilty Johnny makes Jenny breakfast in bed. 

13. Michelle returns home to find Ali with his bags packed. Will he leave?

14. Peter insists to Daniel he had no choice but to suspend Sinead. Sinead tells Daniel he must accept his place on the Masters course.

17_10_CORO_SINEAD_DANIEL_01.jpg(Picture ITV)

15. The police call at the garage.

19_10_CORO_KEVIN_POLICE_02.jpg(Picture ITV)


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