1. Sharon and Keanu’s paranoia grows as they try to work out who knows their secret.

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2. Dot waits anxiously at the doctor’s surgery and later when Jack pops in to visit her, he senses something isn’t right and quizzes Dot who makes a confession.

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3. Stacey worries about Ruby after not hearing from her but when the police phone, Stacey learns that Ruby did make the statement and she and Martin will need to also.

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4. Robbie’s in bad mood and when Bex mentions it’s his birthday soon, Sonia has an idea.

5. Hayley visits Mariam and as she spends time with Harley, her confidence at being a mum grows.

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6. Ruby heads to the E20 to face her demons from that night and ends up helping Billy.

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7. At a low ebb, Hayley drinks in the park unaware that Jean is investigating her suspicions and thinks she’s worked out who the father of the baby is – is she right?

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8. Doctor Legg and Dot fondly reminisce about the Square, but Dot is taken aback when Doctor Legg reveals some shocking news.

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9. Martin tries to avoid Ross but he is confused when Ross shows him a text from Ruby.

10. Kat and Jean pull up at an abandoned block of flats and are horrified to see Hayley in a very dangerous situation. Hayley sits on the edge of a tower block balcony.


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