Is Sharon and Keanu’s affair about to become public knowledge and just who is behind the text messages?

1. Sharon slips off to meet Keanu and they struggle to keep their hands off each other. As Karen leaves The Vic, she spots Sharon and Keanu kissing in the alleyway.

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2. Carmel hosts a talk on knife crime at the Youth Club but it doesn’t quite go to plan when she ends up embarrassing a teenager, Lewis. After she chases after him, Lewis has some cold revelations for her.

3. Dot panics when she learns Dr Legg is in hospital and with Dot desperate to get there, Karen insists a reluctant Keanu will take her. At the hospital, Dot is relieved to learn Dr Legg just has a routine appointment about his health. After the consultation, Dr Legg tells Dot he’s made up his mind; he won’t be having any treatment.

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4. With Hayley staying at the Ahmed’s, Jean makes the point that Hayley should be at home and insists Kat apologises to her. Kat goes to see Hayley but is taken aback when she sees Hayley happily playing with Harley and rushes off. As Harley is reunited with his mum, Hayley is touched by Chloe’s determination to be a good mum and after she watches Mariam and Arshad bid an emotional farewell to Harley, she returns to the Slater’s.

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5. Dot is upset that Dr Legg is refusing treatment and ignores his calls. However Dot is given food for thought by Max and agrees with Dr Legg to make the most of the time he has left.

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6. Kush learns Carmel is going to give up campaigning but as he talks to her, she gets an idea to help people remember Shakil.

7. Hayley starts to feel more positive about the baby but her doubts return when she overhears a conversation between Kat and Stacey.

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8. Bex reveals Shakil bought her a ride in a hot air balloon for her birthday and touched, Carmel offers Bex a sentimental item of Shakil’s.

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9. Karen confronts Keanu about what she saw and is horrified to learn he’s having an affair and someone knows about it. Despite Keanu’s pleas to stay out of it, Karen goes to have it out with Sharon and scared for her son’s safety, pleads with her to end it.

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10. Keanu is determined to confirm his suspicions about who the blackmailer is and sets them up to find the truth. When his suspicions are confirmed, Keanu rushes to tell Sharon.


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