Alfie plans a perfect Christmas at the Slaters..what is the betting that it all goes tits up?

Alfie is determined to make Christmas at the Slater’s perfect but as he delegates various duties to everyone, Jean warns him they can’t live like this for long. After insisting to Hayley he wants to help with the baby, Alfie talks to Ian and comes up with an idea to solve the overcrowding problem at the Slater’s.

16806590-low-.jpg(Picture BBC) Alfie announces his plan to the family.

Hayley discusses baby names with Alfie and later announces the name.

16806950-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Kat shares a moment with Alfie and takes him upstairs, but their plans to sneak upstairs are thwarted by a delivery for Alfie. Eventually, Alfie enters Kat’s bedroom and they kiss – finally alone.

16936439-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Jean spots Alfie fussing over the baby and Hayley frets to Alfie about their secret being exposed; warning him that it’s the children who are going to get hurt. With Jean not answering her phone, a desperate Hayley calls Bev for help but when Bev hangs up on her, she packs a bag.

16936644-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 10th December on BBC One




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