It’s the season to be jolly..unless you live in soapland

EastEnders – 9:15pm

Kat is determined to have the perfect family Christmas but little does she know her world is about to be turned upside down when the shocking truth about Alfie and Hayley surfaces leading to consequences no one could predict …

Christmas Day gets off to a great start for the Slaters as Alfie goes all out to make the day special and Ian joins Jean and the family for dinner. With Kat still unsure about wearing her wedding ring, Alfie tries to stay focused on winning her back but his plans come to a sudden halt when he learns an alarming truth. Amongst the commotion, Bev outstays her welcome at the house and after being rude to Hayley; Kat snaps and throws Bev out. With tensions rising, Alfie feels hopeless and makes the huge decision to leave but Hayley stops him in his tracks. Before they get the chance to put their plan into place, a dramatic chain of events leads to the shocking truth being exposed to Kat and the entire family – Alfie is the father of Hayley’s baby.

Across the Square, the Carters prepare for the Christmas karaoke at The Vic but as the celebrations get underway, Mick and Linda struggle to put recent events behind them.

Meanwhile, Stacey reaches out to Max to check in on him and the two share a touching moment. Back home, Stacey, Whitney, Tiffany and Hayley rehearse for their performance at The Vic.

Coronation Street – 8:15pm

It’s Christmas Day and when Tim visits Sally in prison he drops the bombshell that he slept with Gina. Sophie meets up with Duncan and is shocked when he confirms that Gina is in love with Tim. As Tim, Gina, Yasmeen and Geoff tuck into their Christmas dinner, Sophie breaks the news that Gina has been secretly meeting up with Duncan. Gina admits she’s in love with Tim.

In the Rovers, Johnny declares his love for Jenny but when he compliments Liz, Jenny secretly sends a text in a fit of jealousy. Mike calls in the pub and Liz tears a strip off Jenny for texting Mike, telling him Liz misses him.  As Johnny and Jenny row over Liz, Gemma accuses Johnny of physically abusing his wife. Jenny reveals how she’s been tracking both he and Liz on her phone. Their row escalates and grabbing a bottle of wine, Jenny storms out. Johnny sacks Liz to save his marriage, Liz heads out, furious.

Daniel and Sinead host a Vegan Christmas Day for Adam, Ken, Peter, Beth, Kirk and Craig.  Ken produces a set of handbells and insists they make their own music. Sinead’s upset when she overhears Daniel confiding in Peter that he’s worried she’s going to die.

Elsewhere Lewis realises with horror that he’s accidentally recorded his own conversation on a teddy Christmas present for Lily. Having retrieved the teddy from Lily, Lewis surreptitiously deletes an incriminating message. Gail arrives back from Milan. Upon hearing barking in the backyard, Ruby opens the back door and Cerberus bounds in.

Emmerdale – 7:15pm

Christmas day begins at Tall Trees, Jessie has no idea where Marlon is. Meanwhile, Sam and Marlon wake up in the back of a delivery van- in the middle of nowhere. Sam can only see the funny side to their situation until Marlon, tells him it’s his wedding day. As a hungover Sam and Marlon try to make their way back home, Sam becomes emotional at the thought of marrying Lydia. Back at Tall Trees, Lydia comes clean about not knowing where either of them is and Jessie despairs that her wedding day isn’t going to plan.

Further, into the day, the guests start to arrive, oblivious to the fact they’re attending a wedding. They’re shocked when they see Jessie arrive in a wedding dress. At the wedding, Marlon faints when it’s revealed that is, in fact, his own wedding day.

Rodney arrives to extend an olive branch from Bernice and Diane. Jimmy is delighted to get out of cooking Christmas dinner, but Nicola braces herself for the day ahead. When Jimmy and Nicola arrive with the kids, they quickly realise they’re unwelcomed guests.

The twins are excited to receive their Christmas present from Bob to play on their new PS4. Their smiles fade as they realise Bob’s bought the wrong games.

Meanwhile, dressed up Maya comes downstairs. As the dysfunctional family start their Christmas dinner. Soon secret sparks fly between Jacob and Maya. Maya suggests they all take a walk, secretly wanting to spend time with Jacob.

Happy Christmas all 🙂

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