Another troubled week for ‘Kana’ begins on Monday 17th December

Kate and Rana have a blazing row after Rana admits she doesn’t want a baby at all. In the Bistro, Kate bites her tongue when Michelle innocently talks about hers and Robert’s baby plans.

Kate calls in to Adam’s office and explains her deal with Robert is off but as Adam cracks open a bottle of scotch, Kate looks at him through new eyes, her mind whirling. Fuelled by alcohol, a determined Kate seduces Adam into kissing her passionately.

This isn’t made any better in the 2nd episode of the day

At the flat, Rana insists she doesn’t want to break up with Kate but later Alya tells Rana that Imran saw Kate and Adam getting frisky in the office. Rana confronts Kate and insists the relationship is over.

On Wednesday Kana come to the end of the road when Rana confronts Adam and is unforgiving. She agrees to talk to Kate calmly but Kate is stung when Rana confirms they are over. Johnny invites Kate to move into the Rovers.

Later (2nd Episode) Alya calls at Rana’s flat and learns that she’s dumped Kate.





By Eastieoaks

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