MONDAY DECEMBER 10TH 1st episode

Toyah is furious to learn of Nick’s plans to move in to the flat.

WEDNESDAY 12TH DECEMBER 2018 1st episode

Robert tells Michelle that he has a secured a last minute place on a training course but secretly joins Kate for an initial consultation at the fertility clinic. Meanwhile the lights blow out at the bistro and so Ryan phones the training college only to learn Robert isn’t enrolled. Michelle confides in Carla that her and Robert are at odds over his desire for a baby and now he is lying to her.

WEDNESDAY 12TH DECEMBER 2018 2nd episode

Nick admits to Leanne that money’s really tight as he’s got to pay back Elsa the £40K of her inheritance that he used to buy into Underworld.

FRIDAY 14TH DECEMBER 2018 1st episode

As Robert and Kate arrive for their appointment, Robert spots Michelle leaving her counselling session and panicking, bundles Kate in to a cupboard. After their session, Robert announces to Kate that he wishes to go ahead with their plan and they both know they need to tell Michelle and Rana. Kate tells Rana they need to talk but before Robert can talk to Michelle, Michelle reveals all about her counselling session and that she will consider trying for a baby, leaving Robert to forget about his commitment to Kate.

ELSEWHERE Nick tells Leanne that he has no choice but to sell his car for cash.

FRIDAY 14TH DECEMBER 2018 2nd episode

As Kate waits to speak to Rana at the medical centre, will Robert reach Kate before she tells Rana their plans?

ELSEWHERE Imran offers to buy Nick’s car at a knock-down price.

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