Coronation Street

1. Kate and Rana are shocked to discover the first round of IVF will cost £3500. Rita slips and twists her ankle outside the Rovers where Jenny was mopping the flags. Rita asks Cathy to look after the Kabin and moves into the Rovers to recover.

2. Kate and Rana attend the fertility clinic. Kate’s giddy with excitement whilst Rana does her best to appear enthusiastic. Kate and Rana agree between them that Kate will carry their baby. Kate’s thrilled and tells Rana she can’t wait to be pregnant.

3. Kate excitedly fills Johnny in on their trip to the clinic. Johnny’s thrilled at the prospect of another grandchild and Rana masks her anxiety. Rana bites the bullet and admits to Kate that she’s not happy at the idea of a complete stranger fathering their baby. Kate’s stunned.

4. Kate stuns Rana by bursting into the medical centre and suggesting they should adopt a baby instead. Angry at being hijacked at work she orders her to leave. As Kate drowns her sorrows she drunkenly suggests to Robert that he could father a baby for her and Rana.

5. Robert tells Kate her idea is crazy and sends her packing. But will he change his mind?

6. Paula ends it with Sophie.

7. Jack calls in the corner shop and asks Dev if he’d like to sponsor the one-legged race fundraiser for the hospital. Under pressure from Evelyn, Dev agrees to donate £200.

8. Kevin blames Greg when Jack falls and hurts himself during the sponsored one-legged race.

9. Kevin is moved to tears when Jack tries his new prosthetic leg and takes his first tentative steps.

10. Paula does her best to show that Sally was innocently taken in by Duncan’s devious lies. Who will the jury believe?


1. Harley tells Tom she knows he’s still in love with Peri.

2. Ste protests outside the hospital during Misbah’s plea hearing.

3. Simone and Louis end up kissing…

4. Yazz shows the bruises Imran has been giving her to Misbah.

5. Sinead is convinced Laurie is cheating.

6. Darren has filed for full custody, and Kyle vows to find the best lawyer ever…

7. Sinead has gotten an interview to be a nurse.

8. Tegan’s wake is happening at The Hutch, Misbah turns up for a drink to celebrate. Ste is furious and throws wine over her.

9. Diane has invited Sinead, Laurie and Hannah to live in their flat without telling Tony.

10. Sally promises Louis she won’t tell Leela. Simone tells Louis they can never do anything like that again and calls an end to their affair.

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