Christmas might be just around the corner but that does mean everyone will be merry and jolly this winter… 

Ste and Jonny team up against the Maalik family

Former X Factor finalist, Ray Quinn joins the cast as Jonny, who befriends Ste. Ste has had a vendetta against Misbah Maalik since she accidentally caused Tegan’s death during the recent storm. He makes a threat that the Maaliks deserve everything they get, while Jonny promises that he’s on Ste’s side. Will Jonny and Ste prove to be a dangerous duo?

Breda kills again?

Goldie is charged for murdering Russ, although it was actually her mother, Breda who killed him. Despite writing a letter saying ‘I am the killer you’re looking for’, it seems that Breda might kill again as she is seen standing over a lifeless body saying, “sorry, bad dads don’t get second chances” … Meanwhile, Mercedes and Sylver share a kiss and Christmas doesn’t go to plan when Mercedes presents a burnt turkey and pours gravy over Goldie’s head.

73F6C92B-ABFA-4D00-A017-77D49D8945DB.png(Image: Lime Pictures) anyone for gravy?

Sinead vs the World

Sinead was never going to make a quiet return to the village and, in the trailer, she can be seen warning Sienna away from her husband, Laurie as well as being exposed as a former prostitute by newcomer, Donna-Marie (played by Lucy-Jo Hudson). Viewers know that Sienna has dreams of becoming a teacher, while Laurie also has ambitions to be the new deputy headteacher at Hollyoaks High. Will they become more than work-mates or is Sinead worrying over nothing? Meanwhile, Donna-Marie takes great pleasure in revealing Sinead’s past to the audience and Laurie at the Nativity play, with Sinead dressed as the Virgin Mary.

Mandy, Luke and Darren

As Mandy and Darren try to look forward to their first Christmas together and the arrival of their baby, there seems to be trouble in paradise with Mandy worrying that it all might be too much for Darren to handle. She visits Luke in prison but what does she have to tell him?

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Lily, Romeo and Prince

Lily is confused by Prince’s cagey behaviour but it’s Romeo that Prince confides in when he reveals that he’s found a lump. However, this doesn’t seem to stop Romeo in his bid to win Lily’s heart as they’re seen kissing and Romeo tells her that Prince is seeing someone else.

Yasmine begs Misbah to come clean

Yasmine is desperate for her mum to stop making excuses for Imran’s abuse. She shows her mum that he’s been hurting her too by lifting up her top to reveal the bruises on her stomach, leaving Misbah appalled. Misbah goes to the police station but will she find the strength, to tell the truth, and get Imran the help he needs?

Leela proposes to Louis

Leela is unaware that Louis is already married to Simone’s sister, Martine and that he’s been sleeping with Simone behind her back. She proposes to him and he accepts but will he become a bigamist before he gives up one of his ladies?

(Image: Lime Pictures)

All the ingredients for a dramatic winter in Hollyoaks.

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