1. Joel pays Father Marcus a visit, who offers him a place back in the Priesthood which he considers.

2. Liam surprises Jesse who has been stood up by Courtney! He takes him to The Dog for a pint to cheer him up, Glenn joins them.

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3. Kim she can’t handle feeling jealous or suspicious of Farrah and Grace’s relationship anymore and decides to leave Hollyoaks. While waiting for the bus she bumps into in Rick Astley…will Rick or Farrah stop her from leaving?

Rick Astley(Picture Lime Pictures)

4. Joel Dexter is heartbroken after Cleo McQueen’s rejection, while Goldie McQueen is pining for Jesse Donovan. Lonely Joel and Goldie find comfort in each other’s arms and kiss, but when they end up in the bedroom will things go too far?

5. Love is in the air for Jack Osborne when he develops feelings for super-nanny, Breda McQueen. Jack has been trying to poach Breda from her job at the Lomax’s to look after little Steph, but when Leela catches them together they lie that they’re on a date. While Breda thinks it’s a big joke, Jack actually hopes that their fake romance could become a reality…

6. Glenn Donovan needs to watch his back this week as Grace Black and the WAGs execute their plan to kill him. When Grace’s plot to get Jay Johnson involved goes wrong, it’s up to her vengeful girl-gang to think fast. They all stand up to Glenn when he threatens Grace and it’s Kim Butterfield’s past that could hold the answer to his demise…

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7. Doctors decide to wake Dee Dee from her coma to see if the seizures have stopped. Diane and Tegan can’t stop arguing, Tony tells them they need to make it up as this can’t continue this in front of Dee Dee.

8. Marnie decides to take James out for a mother and son bonding day. She steals his phone and sets him up on a date with someone on a dating app. Donna Marie bumps into them in The Bean but will Marnie recognise her?

5018 DONNA MARIE (2).jpg(Picture Lime Pictures)

9. Harry and Tony are at The Loft having a stag do before Harry and Ste marry. James is on a date and it’s clear Harry is jealous. Harry warns James to keep his mouth shut about the affair.

10. Romeo decides to blackmail Harry into giving him some money by sending anonymous letters telling him he knows about his and James affair, he asks for £3000.

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