There is nothing like a father and son reunion, especially when that father is Glenn Donovan who comes face to face with his son Liam during a robbery.

In tonight’s (12th October) E4 episode, Glenn was from the hospital and getting ready for his final blaze of glory which meant hijacking an ATM van full of cash. However, Grace had other ideas and set her own plan in action, which was to rid Glenn for good. She invited the WAGs over to The Loft later to celebrate their freedom.

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Grace called in DS Roxy for help and to arrest Glenn for good but didn’t plan on Jay overhearing the conversation and then confronting her about it. He was furious at being set up but Grace told him the whole truth about her plan. Jay doesn’t go easy on Grace and planned to shoot her.

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Jay met Glenn in the forest and told him the plan is still going ahead. Jay and Glenn were going to hijack the van.

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She opened up to him about the abuse she endured at the hands of Glenn, and her vulnerability seemed to move him, as he decided to help her, rather than kill her.

Later, after successfully stealing the van, Jay pulled a gun out on Glenn, but before he pulls the trigger he got shot…by Liam Donovan.

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Back in the village, The Wags are unknowingly celebrating Glenn’s death…


By Eastieoaks

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