As is the tradition for Hollyoaks, October brings with it a big stunt we have seen the houses blown up, burning mazes and near deaths from drowning but this one looks set to top them all when a storm hits the village leaving many residents in danger.

Ste and Harry’s wedding
Choosing an outdoor wedding is always risky, but Harry might have another storm to worry about in the form of James Nightingale. Harry tells him he won’t let his big day with Ste be ruined, but is the plan already in action?

HARRY_STE(Picture Lime Pictures)

Sinead’s return
The highly anticipated return of Sinead is fast approaching, and she manages to seek shelter from the storm in Sami’s car. The pair is windswept and look ahead in horror, What’s approaching..?

SINEAD(Picture Lime Pictures)

Imran’s violence
Forced to stay indoors due to the storm, it seems Misbah may be better off bracing outside in the winds, as Imran’s anger intensifies…

IMRAN(Picture Lime Pictures)

Tegan is desperately trying to win the affection of Rose, who goes missing in the storm…will they find her?

TEGAN(Picture Lime Pictures)

Romeo has something he must get off his chest, and while everyone takes shelter in The Dog, Romeo and Lily find themselves arguing on the jetty.

LILLY(Picture Lime Pictures)

Tony shouts “look out” and someone is trapped underwater, is anyone truly safe?

TRAPPED (1)TRAPPED (2)(Pictures Lime Pictures)

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