It was only a matter of time before his evil deeds caught up with him and there was no shortage of people wanting to see the back of him, as actor Bob Cryer exits the show Glenn Donovan is finally paying the ultimate price for his wicked ways.

In tonight’s episode, Simone was suspended as a result of Glenn releasing her ‘sex for cash’ tape and she discovered she was headline news.

Kim presented the WAGs with the idea of poisoning Glenn, Simone who took inspiration from Agatha Christie’s Murder on The Orient Express and suggested that all four women poison his drink, meaning they are all equally responsible for his death.

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Courtney was also on Glenn’s hitlist as Liam told her that Iona had been put into care and Minnie received a mysterious gift, to play mind games with Maxine.

Zack punched Glenn causing a brawl which ended with Jesse discovering it was his dad who leaked the scandalous sex tape of Simone.

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Liam spotted Kim’s suspicious behaviour. And during an argument outside between, Glenn and Jesse he suddenly collapsed and died. Liam found the missing vial in a bush, and came to the conclusion it was Kim who poisoned Glenn.

Bob Cryer, who plays Glenn Donavon, told us “I’ve had the most fantastic year on the show. The people who make the show do it with such love and passion that I’ll be really sad to say goodbye. Glenn couldn’t get away with it forever, could he? He closed the door on everyone who mattered, so ultimately there was no way out for him. I can’t wait to sit back and watch my brilliant friends play out what is going to be a thrilling aftermath to his exit.”

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