The course of true love is running anything but smoothly for Ste and Harry as popular couple ‘Starry’ prepare to tie the knot, that is if jealous lovers and storms don’t ruin it.

Its Ste and Harry’s wedding day and as Lily is putting the final touches to the wedding decorations she has enlisted the help of Prince and Zack, but they are useless.

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While Tony and Diane are distraught over Dee Dee being so sick, Ste decides it’s not the right time for the wedding and they should cancel but Tony insists they go ahead.

James is using Romeo to help him expose his and Harry’s affair by placing pictures of them kissing in the guest’s gift bags…. (I think they would have preferred a toaster).

Rose refers to Diane as her mum, devastating Tegan…as the storm picks up everyone runs for shelter at The Dog.

Brooke is worried about the storm, Imran wants to be there for her but Misbah insists he finish his homework first. He agrees reluctantly but when the storm picks up she tells him he’s not to leave the house, he gets angry.

The storm has forced everyone inside and they are camped out at The Dog. Goldie decides to entertain everyone by dancing on the tables and Mercedes is creating expensive cocktails to sell – ‘Storm in a Glass’.

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Lily is worried when she sees Romeo is outside in the storm, so when Prince is distracted, she sneaks out to check on him.

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Imran can’t control his anger anymore, he is frustrated she won’t let him leave the house and hits Misbah…She flees from the house into the storm.

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Sami goes out looking for her, while out he comes across a woman in the middle of the road and offers her a lift, it’s Sinead.

The Storm causes a dramatic structural collapse, putting several lives in danger.

Mercedes and Goldie are in competition with each other about who can make the best cocktail.

Sinead tells Sami she has returned to ruin Ste and Harry’s wedding but before they can even get close to Hollyoaks they hit something in the road.

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Hollyoaks ‘storm week’ starts on Tonight on E4 and Monday 21st on C4.

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