Ste and Harry finally tie the knot after months of fights, setbacks, affairs and family tragedies..but it is far from happily ever after

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Ste and Harry finally walk down the aisle after several months of setbacks. But the marriage is doomed from the start as doctors pronounce Dee Dee as officially on the road to recovery, making Harry realise he was only going through with the wedding to bring his family a bit of happiness during the dark period of Dee Dee’s illness. He’s off the hook.

Harry desperately tried to ring James and beg him to save him from the wedding, telling him he loves him and to call him if he wants them to be together. James who was preoccupied with the discovery that he has a long lost son, Romeo, missed all of Harry’s calls. When James finally receives all the messages, he called Harry, but it’s too late, the wedding had happened and Harry and Ste are already on their way to their honeymoon.

Harry picked up a call to James whilst an unsuspecting Ste is happily waiting in the car for his new husband to drive off into the stormy sunset. However, the call connected to the cars Bluetooth and Ste heard as James pours his heart out to Harry.

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Hollyoaks ‘storm week’ continues tomorrow on C4 and on E4.

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