Tonight sees a brand new offering from ‘W’ as television presenter Emma Willis stars in a brand new and no holds barred show ‘Emma Willis: Delivering Babies’

Emma who is probably better known for presenting shows such as Big Brother joins the team at Harlow Hospital for 3 months.

The first episode sees Emma on her first shift as she witnesses a couple welcome their third child with a home birth, Emma is moved to tears when their eldest son cuts the cord.

Before she even begins she admits her biggest fear is failing and admits she wants to do it justice.


What made you want to do this series?

“Two things – I watched my mum do it growing up and so it’s kind of what I always thought I would do. I didn’t necessarily think that I would work in a maternity unit, but that’s what my mum did, and I always thought I would end up in a hospital in some way.

And the second reason was actually having babies myself. As soon as I gave birth for the first time, I was introduced to what midwives and people who work on a maternity unit do, how much they help you and the incredible things that they get to witness when they see childbirth. That was it, I was like right, I want to be a birthing partner, a doula, a midwife, anything that could get me into a birthing situation…without having to put a camera at the end of the bed and watching myself do it again.


You can see Emma Willis: Delivering Babies from 10PM Tonight on W

By Eastieoaks

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